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How to Clean Condenser Coils

3/26/2018 (Permalink)

Any sort of coiled equipment collects dust. Don't believe us? Go look under your refrigerator. All those coils that are used to keep your food cold collect dust. Some are good about regularly cleaning them, others...not so much. I'm sure the last thing we're all thinking is, "I need to clean the coils under my fridge!"

Fridges, A/C units, and heaters are all notorious for dust. The danger? Too much dust can cause your machine to overheat, and not function as effectively as it should.

How to Clean the Coils

  • Have a vacuum handy, specifically one with an extension hose. Use the hose to suck up any dust the coils are collecting.
  • You may not have a vacuum that fits where the coils are placed. Use a feather duster wand or hairdryer to get the dust. Simultaneously have the vacuum right there to collect any lose dust that might be floating around. 
  • If you want to do a more extensive cleaning, make the piece of equipment you're working with lighter. That may mean emptying out your fridge, unfasten an A/C unit, and tilt the machine for easy access.

Once you're done, your coils will be nice and clean and ready to work at full capacity.

Mold Remediation & Restoration Process

2/26/2018 (Permalink)

Our specialty here at SERVPRO is a little R&R... Remediation and Restoration.

How does mold play into situation?

Mold is most likely to grow where there is moisture and humidity. That means, after you've suffered a water damage the chance of mold growth is highly likely. 

How is mold remediated? 

First step is clear out any traces of the water damage if one occurred. Next, a containment will be set up so mold growth is contained. After that, a cleansing of the air must take place. Various air units will be placed to filter the air and mold spores that might be present throughout. Lastly all mold affected materials will be removed.

Don't let the media scare you. The mold removal process is easy. Call SERVPRO of Downey with any questions: (562) 392-3007

A Moldy Situation

2/23/2018 (Permalink)

What is Mold?

Mold is classified as an organism, yet it is neither a plant nor animal.

When you think of mold you probably think of that green fuzzy stuff you find on your bread when it's been in the pantry too long. Or maybe you think of the black dots you find in your shower or around your kitchen sink.

It's true, mold comes in various forms and different colors.

What Does it Matter? 

Something you may or may not remember from science class is that mold travels through the air. Yes it's everywhere, but you can't see them. It's only when they attach themselves to other organic material that they become visible.

You may wonder..."Is there mold in my house or business?"

The answer is yes, since mold spores are airborne. Don't worry though, call SERVPRO of Downey when you can see it. 

Standing Roof Water

2/12/2018 (Permalink)

Is standing water on a roof a real problem?? You might think... it'll evaporate and go away.

Water weighs over 8lbs per gallon. Imagine two or three inches of water on the roof…. That extra weight causes a real strain on the roof. This can lead to a collapse that will be very costly or worst yet injury or death.

This is a major problem with simple solution: Inspect the roof and clean off the debris. It’s just that easy…. Taking the time to do that now, will save you heartache and money in the future.

These are easy steps to implement : (1) Inspection (2) Remove debris and clear drains and downspouts . Follow this advice and keep the roof over your head and your hard earned money in your pocket.

You May Need a H.A.T.

2/12/2018 (Permalink)

Over the weekend, you get a water leak. By the time you get to work on Monday all the water is gone and the walls and carpets look and feel dry to the touch.

So, there’s nothing to be concerned about…. The walls and carpet are a little damp, but they’ll dry out in a few days right? How can you be sure that everything is really dry?

SERVPRO of Downey along with Science can answer that question. In order to properly dry out an area, you need a H.A.T (Humidity…. Air… Temperature). By using a simple formula, you can be certain of the drying process.

SERVPRO of Downey, uses the most modern equipment. Everything from Moisture Meters to Thermal Imaging Cameras. This type of technology and our expertise gives the assurance that what feels dry is really dry.

Focus, Focus, Focus

2/8/2018 (Permalink)

There are distinct advantages to being the Best in your Field. It’s good to have the respect of your peers and the resources to grow the company. As the man once said,“ It’s good to be the King."

One big disadvantage to being #1 is the loss of FOCUS. By definition, focus is “having something as the center of interest or activity." When a person, company, or organization losses focus, everything suffers.

The loss of focus can cause you to forget what the objective is. Some will begin to squander time, assets, and energies. They lose direction, go off course, and eventually all forward progress stops.

Think about how that effects you as an organization. To have dealings with a vendor or supplier who’s not focused on your needs is a little insulting. Basically, what they're saying is, “I’ll take your money, but you don’t matter."

In the remediation industry this happens all to often. Companies are called in an emergency, at that time you’re the priority. But, if a bigger job comes along you may have a hard time getting calls returned...That's not nice .

A 2nd definition of focus is, “pay particular attention to something or someone." This is how we, SERVPRO® of Downey, operate. We focus on you until the job is completed. Your needs will be our center of interest.

Being the type company of that pays attention to details is what's made us the best in our field. Our objective is not to waste your time, assets, or energies. When a Water, Fire, or Mold Emergency happens, call us. We'll be ready.

Prevent Home Fires: Dryer Vents

1/25/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Prevent Home Fires: Dryer Vents Clogged vent

For most of us, convenience is everything. This is especially true in our homes. Imagine where we would be without the Air Conditioner, Dishwasher, or Microwave. You may remember the days of collecting all your quarters and going down to the Laundromat to do laundry. However, there was a benefit to that.

The benefit: not having to clean your Dryer Vents. Hardly any of us think about cleaning our vents or even know we should be. The fact of it is Lint accumulates in our dryer vents overtime. We can see a sample of this when we reload our dryer and clean out the small vent trap. Now imagine that on a larger scale. Say you've lived in the same home for 10-15 years+ and never had the vents cleaned...They'd be clogged!  

The truth of the matter is we sometimes take convenience for granted. That mistake could cost us our home, or even our life. Around 2,900 Dryer Fires are reported each year. How can we bring this statistic down? Clean our Dryer Vents.

How do you know if you need your vents cleaned?

  • Your laundry may take longer to dry. 
  • The dryer may be hotter to the touch than usual. 
  • A burning smell may be present when the dryer is running. 

Where do you start? Professionals. Although DIY kits are sold, nothing beats the expertise and assured safety of a professional. Find out more Dryer Vent information here:

How El Niño Has Disrupted Lives

1/25/2018 (Permalink)

"What El Niño?" That's a common sentence you may hear or even express yourself. "El No Rain-o," is how one friend put it to me. Sentiments like these are understandable. For one, El Niño storms are highly unpredictable & difficult to forecast. The weather report will say one thing, but then the storm takes a completely opposite turn. Then there's our location, Southern California. Certain aspects of the storm will effect us either more or less then other locations.

Frankly, we didn't see as much of El Niño as we all heard. But just because we may not have felt much of the effects, does it mean it was any less powerful? Does it mean that El Niño won't effect your life? Let's consider the facts.

The Flooding:

Paraguay - A number of 130,000 had to flee their homes due to flooding. The country hadn't seen such flooding due to El Niño in 50 years. The country suffered the worst in Asuncion, where the country's main river is located.

Brazil - 40 towns were displaced and forced to leave their homes due to flooding. The local rivers overflowed as the heavy rains came down. In Uruguay thousands spent days homeless until the water levels subsided.  

The Drought:

Consider the other side of the coin. In India, the drought is causing local farmers into day-labor jobs. Millions continue to struggle as they deal with the lack of rain. The main topic for concern though is the Sugar. Since the crops aren't getting the proper amount of rain, a sugar shortage is expected, meaning higher sugar prices.

South Africa is suffering a similar story. South Africa grows and exports Corn for themselves and neighboring country's. However, due to the lack of rain, crops are not growing like before. The cost of corn in South Africa has risen, much like the sugar in India. They've been forced to import it to deal with the demand.

The Atmosphere:

El Niño effects humans in another way, the air we breath. The NOAA recently noted quite an increase in Carbon Dioxide the past year. Think about it... Plants grow and absorb the carbon dioxide in the air. But if it's not raining, plants can't grow, and if plants can't grow the carbon dioxide can't be absorbed. 

It's evident El Niño is doing some damage. It caused major flooding, a drought, loss of homes, increased vegetation prices, & polluted air. We may not experience the full effects of all these things, but we can't deny the existence of El Niño & the lives it has disrupted. This weather phenomenon is very real. 

Welcome La Niña

1/25/2018 (Permalink)

Welcome La Niña!

According to the NOAA, La Niña has arrived. We may have thought we were going to get through this season without seeing her, but it's official. Signs of her arrival were triggered by cooler sea temperatures over the Pacific. They are estimated to stay at a cooler temperature for several months.

Like her counterpart, El Niño, La Niña causes changes in atmospheric circulation or air movement. These changes affect global weather patterns from a minor to major degree. In and around the northern United States and Canada, La Niña expects to bring cooler weather patterns, which include rain and snowfall. Central and southern parts of the United States are expected to receive drought like conditions.

Weather patterns are ever changing. La Niña and her affects are possibilities and not set in stone. We can welcome La Niña and either look forward to her affects or not.

Water Remediation: Where Problems Arise

1/25/2018 (Permalink)

Having a water damage is a difficult thing to go through. The damage to your home & belongings can bring stress on any homeowner. You want your home back to normal as fast as possible, that's our job as a water remediation company. But when other water remediation companies don't effectivly perform their services, the worked can get prolonged. 

Here's some examples of the most overlooked areas:

          1. Moisture Mapping

Water can spread everywhere. Remediation companies come to track it to see where exactly they need to dry. However, when a company fails to locate all the wet areas, that moisture can still cause further damage. A thorough inspection and detailed moisture map will ensure all areas are documented for drying.

          2. Drying Time

All areas can be documented, but if the area wasn't dried for the proper amount of time your water damage will continue to occur. Ensuring the area is completely dried can save damage to your home now and in the future.

          3. Improper Drying

Even with all the moisture properly documented and dried for a certain amount of days, issues can still occur if improper drying methods are used. Examples include when drying equipment isn't properly placed or when common household fans are used.

SERVPRO® of Downey 

The remediation and drying process is a real science. Ensure you hire a company that's properly trained and certified to provide you with the best services for you and your home.