Recent Before & After Photos

Air Register & Vent Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is recommended every 2-5 years depending on the circumstances. Dust and dirt can accumulate quick, and those particles can spread throughout y... READ MORE

Homeless Encampment Clean-Up

Homeless encampments are becoming more and more common. These area's are extremely problematic due to the nature of content found at these sights. At this homel... READ MORE

Deep Fryer Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is crucial in a kitchen environment. All equipment must be cleaned daily to ensure a sanitary facility. Shown is a deep fryer, a piece of eq... READ MORE

Rodent Feces Clean-Up

Rodents are pesky creatures. Here we can see they have helped themselves to some snacks...(who knows how long those snacks had been in there) Though pesky as th... READ MORE

Flooded Elevator Shaft

This flood took place at a High School, down 3 flights of stairs. The hallways and rooms were flooded up to about 6in. As you can see, the elevator shaft was fl... READ MORE

School Roof Cleaning

Roof maintenance is key for a long lasting roof. It's the first line of defense against the elements and without some attention, it can wear fast causing massiv... READ MORE

Bathroom Water Damage

This room obviously isn't the bathroom. The bathroom is on the other side of a connected wall. When water started flooding the bathroom, it came through the flo... READ MORE

Classic Car Garage Fire

This garage went up in flames. The garage suffered significant damage but the structure remained intact and standing. For you classic car enthusiasts, this pict... READ MORE

Shed Fire

Do you have a shed outside? If so, what kind is it? And what do you store in it? Allot of sheds are plastic, vinyl, wood, or metal. The cheaper the shed usually... READ MORE

Back Alley Clean Up

No this isn't a hoarders house, it's actually a college. Well it's outside in the back of the college. Debris had built up from unwanted guests that were storin... READ MORE