Recent Before & After Photos

School Roof Cleaning

Roof maintenance is key for a long lasting roof. It's the first line of defense against the elements and without some attention, it can wear fast causing massiv... READ MORE

Bathroom Water Damage

This room obviously isn't the bathroom. The bathroom is on the other side of a connected wall. When water started flooding the bathroom, it came through the flo... READ MORE

Classic Car Garage Fire

This garage went up in flames. The garage suffered significant damage but the structure remained intact and standing. For you classic car enthusiasts, this pict... READ MORE

Shed Fire

Do you have a shed outside? If so, what kind is it? And what do you store in it? Allot of sheds are plastic, vinyl, wood, or metal. The cheaper the shed usually... READ MORE

Back Alley Clean Up

No this isn't a hoarders house, it's actually a college. Well it's outside in the back of the college. Debris had built up from unwanted guests that were storin... READ MORE

The Price of Freedom

You may be wondering, "What am I looking at? Freedom?" At SERVPRO we get called for all sorts of "interesting" jobs, and this is certainly one of them. At this ... READ MORE

Home Theft Board Up

There isn't a perfect way to describe the feeling of being a victim of thievery. Especially when it takes place in your own house. Unfortunately for these Downe... READ MORE

Fire Damage (Home)

Of all the damages your home could encounter a home fire can be the most traumatic of experiences. Weather you were present for it or not, seeing your belonging... READ MORE

Crawl Space Flooding

Crawl spaces are often a forgotten realm for homeowners. We don't tend to think about them. When water damage problems arise, it's one of the first places to ch... READ MORE

The Waterline Nightmare

Waterlines are necessary for the common american household today. They source our water for our kitchens, bathrooms, etc. Waterlines sometimes break or leak. Th... READ MORE