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Include Your Pets in Fire Evacuation Practices

10/26/2020 (Permalink)

fire damage restoration near me pet safety Practice the evacuation plan several times with your pet.

We are used to Fires in the Los Angeles/Orange County area. During a Fire, your first priority is to get yourself and your family members out safely. You will not want to forget your pets too! It is important you have a plan in place to evacuate your pets in case a fire emergency should occur. Start by including your pets into your home escape plan.

5 Tasks to Prepare Your Pet

Preparation is key when it comes to protecting your pets in a fire. In case your pets are in an unsafe location that you or your other family members can’t get to, there are several steps you can take to better the chance of their rescue:

1. Keep your pet in rooms or areas that are easily accessible to fire fighters. 

2. Update your pet alert window cling on the front window of your home. 

3. Set aside a disaster supply kit just for your pet. Include any medication or dog supplies you may need. 

4. Place important pet ownership documents and proof of vaccinations in a fire box that you can easily retrieve.  

5. Teach your pets the “Come” command so you can easily direct them towards you in an emergency. 

Creating Your Pet Evacuation Plan 

In addition to these important pet safety tasks, you will need to create a pet evacuation plan. Assign an individual or two to be in charge of retrieving the pets. If your pets are located in a specific part of the house during the night, identify several different routes to that location. Practice the evacuation plan several times with your pet. 

In the event of an evacuation due to a wildfire, have arrangements in place for your pet to stay. 

Keep your pets and family members safe by having a well thought out plan if a fire emergency does occur. Never risk your safety or the safety of a family member to save your house pet. While your pets might be able to escape safely on their own, you can increase the chance of their rescue with these tips!

Sanitize Your Downey Business from COVID-19

10/8/2020 (Permalink)

COVID-19 cleaning near me downey, here to help How Clean is Your Downey Business? (800) 700-SERV

As businesses in the Downey Community continue to reopen, cleanliness and safety are of most importance. As the COVID-19 pandemic is still sweeping across communities, taking precautions will serve to protect your employee's and customers.  

We're Here to Help Protect Your Downey Business

No doubt your already implementing the basics:

  • Social Distancing 
  • Mask Requirement
  • Routine Cleaning of your Facility
  • Increased Hand Washing

These will certainly serve to protect your facility. Can further precautions be taken to protect your business and customers?

At SERVPRO® of Downey, we offer a variety of methods to keep your facility safe and free from viral pathogens. 

Our methods include:

Read more about these methods and why they are most effective at the links above.

To schedule a Sanitation Cleaning at your Downey Business, call (800) 700-SERV. 

Ask about our Routine Certified Cleaning Program!

SERVPRO® Solutions: Matterport Scanning

10/1/2020 (Permalink)

matterport camera The Matterport PRO 2 Camera is 134 megapixels and shoots with 3D accuracy using infrared sensors.

At SERVPRO® of Downey, we like to provide the best possible solutions for our clients and their needs. To accomplish this we are always seeking out new forms of technology and solutions to provide a more thorough service.

One of our latest technologies is the Matterport 3D CameraThe Matterport 3D scanning system allows us to capture a space and create a virtual 3D model. 

How It Can Benefit You:

  • Virtual Walkthroughs - Due to COVID-19, many insurance adjusters and facility managers have suspended their in-person walk throughs. The Matterport system allows us to share that space with them virtually as if they were there in person.
  • Insurance Claims - Having a 3D scan of your space could be useful during an insurance claim. It could show items & possessions that would need to be noted. If you already have a claim, it would be a useful tool to capture the loss.
  •  Measurement Tool - During a loss, we want to provide the most accurate information. The Matterport system uses infrared sensors to capture data. This data can measured within the system to provide the most accurate estimate.

Can you utilize the Matterport 3D system? Most business can. For more information on the Matterport system, please call our office or reach out online. (562) 392-3007

Which Mask Will Protect You Best?

9/15/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo with person wearing mask What protection is your mask giving you?

We're all familiar with masks at this point. They protect us from the COVID-19 virus. But recent Wildfires have posed a different threat... Smoke Particles. Does your mask protect you from both COVID-19 and Smoke Particles? 

Cloth Masks

These masks block virus droplets. Walk into a bakery with these masks and I guarantee you'll smell all the baked goodness. That's how the mask works. But these cloth masks do not block smoke particles. Though they may block large bits of ash floating through the air, the cloth allows for small particles to enter and possibly compromise your system.

N95 Masks

These masks provide a tight seal around your face and are excellent when dealing with smoke particles. Some N95 masks have an air filters on them. Those are designed to prevent inhaling potentially dangerous particulates. However, the N95 masks with air filters should not be used for COVID-19 protection. Those filters do not block droplets from leaving the mask.

It's science! N95 will provide the best protection for both the COVID-19 virus and smoke particles as long as there is no air filter.

National Preparedness Month: Prepare for Disasters

9/8/2020 (Permalink)

researching alerts on phone Prepare Now! Receive Disaster and Public Safety alerts from local authorities.

Disasters impact you and your family. The trouble is that we don't always know when a disaster will strike. The family may not always be together, and communication may not be possible. PLAN AHEAD!

Here are 3 Areas to Consider when Preparing for a Disaster:

  • Know the risk of disasters in your area. Is your area prone to earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, or wildfires? Chances are your area may be prone to just a couple. Know what your risks are, and prepare for those.
  • Check your insurance coverage. Know what your plan covers. Some may only cover minimal damage, or damage excluding certain areas. Know what you're liable for.
  • Learn how to make your home stronger. In the face of storms and other common hazards, act fast if you receive a local warning or alert. Prepare your home to withstand the coming disaster. 

Planning ahead could prevent further damage from disaster. Prepare Now!

Follow the conversation online @SERVPROdowney@readygov, & @fema. Visit our blog for more #NatlPrep articles and disaster related information. Sign up for our giveaway here!!!

SERVPRO® of Downey // (562) 392-3007

National Preparedness Month: Build a Kit

9/3/2020 (Permalink)

Emergency Kit graphic Don't Wait, Build Your Kit Today!

Do you have an up-to-date emergency kit? Many procrastinate getting one. But these emergency kits or Go Bags are essential in a disaster. If certain resources such as food, water, light, or shelter aren't available, the emergency bag will have what you need to survive.

Build Your Kit

Many of the items are relatively inexpensive and can be found at most stores. Items such as:

  • Food & Water
  • First Aid Kit
  • Batteries
  • Shelter (Tent, Sleeping bag, Blanket)
  • Phone Chargers
  • Maps

For a complete list of essential emergency bag items, visit this link.

Include Additional Supplies

Think about your family and their needs. Do prescriptions need to be included? Pet supplies? Or baby diapers & formula?

These items will be unique to each family and their needs.

Maintain Your Kit

After you have your kit in place and ready to go, continue to update it with unexpired food and water, additional clothing, or other items as your needs change.

Don't Let Emergency Kits Overwhelm You

These kits can prove to be life saving when we need them. Take the time now to get them organized for your home, car, or workspace. You can build your own or buy a pre-packed one. 

Here are some of our favorites!

Judy - Emergency Kit

Uncharted Supply Co

National Preparedness Month: Make a Plan

8/27/2020 (Permalink)

Family discussing emergency plan Make a Plan Today, Prepare for Tomorrow

"Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” - Malcolm X

Why make a plan? Not all the family may be together during a disaster. You may be at work and kids could be at school or with a sitter or relative. A plan needs to be made to ensure everyone will be safe and reunited together.

STEP 1: Put a Plan Together

Have a conversation with your family. Discuss questions like...

  1. How will I receive emergency alerts and warnings?
  2. What is my shelter plan?
  3. What is my evacuation route?
  4. What is my family/household communication plan?
  5. Do I need to update my emergency preparedness kit?
  6. Check with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and update my emergency plans due to Coronavirus.
    • Get cloth face coverings (for everyone over 2 years old), disinfectants, and check my sheltering plan.

STEP 2: Consider the Needs to Your Family

Your plan needs to be unique to your family. Discuss the specific needs that need to be met, such as medical requirements, dietary restrictions, disability assistance, or language assistance.

STEP 3: Have an Emergency Family Plan & Practice It

Create a plan for your family and practice it. Know where the Go-Bags are, where everyone will be meeting, & how everyone will communicate. You can view and download a sample Family Plan here.

Follow the conversation online @SERVPROdowney, @readygov, & @fema. Visit our blog for more #NatlPrep articles and disaster related information. 

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National Preparedness Month: 2020

8/20/2020 (Permalink)

National prep month logo Be Prepared, Stay Informed

In September of each year, communities & families come together to recognize and promote disaster planning. With the presence of the global COVID-19 virus, there is no better time to plan ahead for the future.

This years National Preparedness theme is: "Disasters Don’t Wait. Make Your Plan Today."

What you can expect from Natl Prep month:

  • How to communicate with your family, friends, & neighbors about disasters.
  • How to build a preparedness kit.
  • Learn about the risks in your area, and be able to protect your home from those risks.
  • How to teach youth about the importance of preparedness.

Stay tuned this month as we share resources that will prove to be valuable during disasters.

Follow the conversations online using #NatlPrep & #BeReady. As well as @SERVPROdowney, @readygov, & @fema. We look forward to spreading the word about preparedness this Natl Prep month!

Prepare Your Business for a Water Damage

8/10/2020 (Permalink)

flooded retail foor Is your business prepared for water damage?

Water damages happen, it's okay. That's why we're here. We’ve learned that most customers aren’t sure how to navigate the cleanup and restoration process. Here are some steps you need to take if water damage strikes your business!

  1. Address the Source. If you know the cause of the damage, address that first. This may require calling a plumber, but if you don’t know the source of the damage, then you can skip to the next step.
  2. Call SERVPRO®. We're going to assess the water damage and begin the cleanup and restoration process. If you haven’t identified the cause of the damage yet, we will help you determine that and provide you with the next steps.
  3. Contact Insurance Company. Consider calling your local agent and making a claim. Disasters can be costly, so if you’re covered, your insurance can drastically reduce your out-of-pocket expenses!

Water damage can be stressful. We want to help you navigate this process as smoothly as possible.

For more information on water damage situations call SERVPRO® of Downey: (562) 392-3007

Disinfect with Electrostatic Sprayers

7/23/2020 (Permalink)

Electrostatic sprayers lined up Is your business as clean as it could be? (562) 392-3007

How do you clean? Traditional methods are tried and true, like a cloth & disinfectant. Now more than ever, with the presence of COVID-19, people and businesses want fast effective ways to clean. One of our favorite methods is the use of Electrostatic Sprayers.

What is Electrostatic Disinfection? 

Electrostatic Spraying is way to apply cleaners and disinfectants to surfaces and objects. As the solution passes through the sprayer the particles become positively charged. These positively charged particles aggressively stick to surfaces and objects. 

Why Electrostatic Spraying is Right for Your Business:

Due to the aggressive nature of the particles, they adhere even to hard to reach places. This reduces your cleaning time by 50%! The use of Electrostatic Sprayers also allow you more control over the disinfectants and viruses at your facility. 

Not only will your business be clean, it will feel clean to employees and customers. 

For more information on Electrostatic Sprayers, call our COVID-19 Sanitation Specialists: (562) 392-3007

*At SERVPRO® we use a proprietary disinfectant called SERVPROXIDETM, an EPA registered, stabilized chlorine dioxide based disinfectant and sanitizer.