Commercial Photo Gallery

Ariel shot of SERVPRO vehicles in street.

Faster to Your Commercial Loss!

When your commercial property needs emergency services, SERVPRO of Downey is there for you. Our crew assembles to get to property quickly, to limit further damage. We're here to help for you restoration, mitigation, and sanitation needs.

2 SERVPRO vans parked outside a large commercial building

SERVPRO of Downey: Commercial Rescue in LA

When a large commercial property is affected, many area's are affected. Aside from structural damage people are affected too. At SERVPRO® of Downey, we pride ourselves in our state of the art technology and methods to mitigate your loss. Working smarter allows us to save you from business interruption, which can cost you money. 

SERVPRO technician in ppe using a thermal fogger equipment.

Odor Elimination with Thermal Fogging

Odors can are mysterious and hard to find. This can be especially frustrating to those who help operate and maintain commercial facilities. After all has been done to locate an odor, deodorization can take place. In this scenario, it's by use of a Thermal Fogger. A piece of equipment that uses a deodorizer that's heated and released as a fog to penetrate the source of odor molecules. 

Clean Your Duct Vents...

After days, weeks, months, or years of use, your air ducts need a little TLC. They collect dust, dirt, and pollen. When gone untreated, that collection sits there circulating through your HVAC system. Here you can see the vents after a length of time gone untouched.

2 SERVPRO trucks parked outside a job with stacked air movers on the side.

Faster to Any Job!

If your place of business in Downey experiences a large loss you can count on SERVPRO® of Downey to be there in your time of need. Our technicians are certified and trained to handle all types of losses both big and small. Call us if you experience a Water Damage or Fire Damage loss. 562.392.3007

School Sanitation

Cleanliness & Sanitation is crucial for a school environment. Not only is the health of those working important on campus, but that of the children. We work to help schools stay current on their deep cleaning, keeping all those within the campus safe. 

water damage roof damage near me downey

Commercial Bathroom Water Damage

Water damage from higher floors can cause great damage. In rare instances this happens as you see in the photo. Water doesn't fully penetrate and gets stuck between the paint and ceiling. Pockets and bubbles of water form and must be drained.

Floor Cleaning

The best thing a business can do for their floors is give them a deep cleaning. You can see from the photo how much dirt was removed even though the floor seemed clean to the naked eye. 

Large Commercial Water Loss

Boxes upon boxes of merchandise were ruined by this commercial water damage. Luckily SERVPRO® of Downey is quick to the clean up site and with our mobilized efforts go the job done "Like it never even happened." 

We're ready to help!!

We are in the business of being ready for any disaster! Making sure we have the equipment and crews to support any size disaster is extremely important to our ability to getting our customers back to "normal" as quickly as possible... no matter how big or how small the loss as possible!

Large Loss Commercial Projects - Water Damage

Large scale commercial projects require specialized equipment and skill sets. Minimizing business interruption and getting you back to normal as quickly as possible is our specialty at SERVPRO® of Downey.

Commercial Buildings - Water Damage

It takes special knowledge and consideration when dealing with these types of losses. Each business has unique issues, so finding a solution that satisfies everyone is especially important, but the most critical part of every project is getting the work completed without creating any unnecessary damage and with as little business interruption as possible.