Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Fallen Tree (2)

Fallen tree's can do serious structural damage and make your roof seem like paper. Fortunately, no one was injured in this instance and the tree damaged a fence rather than someones home.

Fallen Tree (1)

Nobody likes bad weather. The risks involved with bad weather are many. Driving dangers, flooding, power, and the list goes on. Another is the risk of fallen trees like the one pictured...

It's a Tarp!

This is key evidence of good preparation and planing. A storm can make or break your roof. Tarping in preparation for a storm can ensure a dry interior, which something we all love. 

i'Spy a Water Leak

You're probably thinking, what am I looking at?

What we have here is a large water damage affecting ceiling tiles. When these tiles become wet they get very fragile. This tile as a security camera mounted on it. Due to the weight of the camera it caused the tile to sink and look more like a dome.

Resting Roof Water

A common sight this picture is, especially after a large storm or succession of them. However, this water can be dangerous. The best thing water does is soak. As it rests on this commercial roof, it's slowing breaking down that part of the ceiling until it caves in.

If you notice resting water on your roof, don't wait, act fast.

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Roof Gutter

What can we learn from this picture...

1) Storms can cause to be an overwhelming problem.

2) Clean you gutters. Clean gutters mean when that storm does come it won't clog the gutters and make a muddy mess.