Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold! Mold! & More Mold!

Mold can grow in bizarre places, allot of bizarre places. This place was filled with it, in the walls and corners. Especially interesting was this ring of mold on the ceiling. 

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Mold in the Walls

Mold can grow on almost anything. It's an organic material that attaches itself to other organic material when moisture is present. Moisture is key, whether it's in your bathroom or kitchen mold can lurk behind walls much like this one.

And the Winner Goes To...

Mold is organic and can grow on almost any surface if there is moisture present. This trophy was exposed to some water, and that moisture stuck. You can see how the mold has covered most of the trophy's base. Not exactly the trophy you'd want to display.

Moldy Carpet Spots

Nothing can be stressed more than that of taking immediate action when any sort of damage happens to your home.

In this case, water set just enough time for the carpet to be affected. Once the carpet was pulled back, these spots were found...Mold spots.

When a flooding or water damage happens, take action, soak up as much water as possible, let SERVPRO® of Downey handle the rest.

No Splashing in the Bathroom Sink

If there's one place we always clean in our house, it's our bathrooms. Hidden dangers may be present though without us even knowing. This was found behind one bathroom sink.

If you've had a water damage, address it right away. Leaving it allows time for mold to grow.

What Lurks Behind Drywall...

Water damage can go unnoticed sometimes. When it does it allows time for mold to grow. Here we can see some light growth behind this drywall. Always report any damage asap to prevent further damage to your home or business.