Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Extraction at High School

This empty school hall was flooded. Multiple rooms and an elevator shaft were affected. When you stumble upon 6in of water that isn't supposed to be there panic may start to set in. We like to make the process as simple as possible. Starting with extraction, then drying, and restoration. It's easy with SERVPRO® of Downey.

The Fleet

The fleet is out in full force. When you see those green SERVPRO® of Downey trucks pull up, you will know you and your home or business are in the best of care.

Water in the Building

Nobody likes the surprise of stepping in unwanted water, either at home or at work. Unfortunately water worked it's way into the file room, the worst possible room given all the paper. Luckily SERVPRO® is an expert at Document Restoration too.

Don't Look Down

Second story water damage can be especially dangerous. If water goes untreated for a long time, it will absorb into the floor. Once it reaches its breaking point...this happens. 

Injectidry System in Kitchen

No need to bust out walls here. The Injectidry system allows you to inject air to the exact area you need to. Here we are going directly into the wall for the most effective drying.

Kitchen Water Damage

Our Air Movers never stop working. No need to rip out these wet cabinets. Here they are targeting the underneath of these cabinets. They'll be dry in no time.

Senior Living Center Complex

This picture shows a hallway of a Senior Living Center Complex. The leak started on the 3rd floor and penetrated each floor down to the parking structure. There was work happening on all floors, plus the rooms of the tenants.