Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Post-Fire Bedroom

The thought of a home fire can be a homeowners worst nightmare. This picture is the epitome of that nightmare. Damaged ceilings and smoke soot all over the walls under heavy restoration to ensure all soot and smoke odors are eliminated. 

This Toaster Got Toasted!

Kitchen fire led to the damage of many kitchen appliances. One of which was this toaster, just look at it. It's always good to unplug appliances that aren't in use, such as a toaster or coffee machine.

Commerce Fire Loss

SERVPRO of Downey was onsite for a commercial fire loss. This loss took place in a warehouse that housed and distributed clothes. Needless to say allot of those clothes went up in flames. We worked alongside the fire department cleaning out this warehouse for restoration. The owner couldn't be happier at final results.

School Hallway

Fires can bring serious damage and cause real destruction. This school suffered a large fire damage as you can see by the picture. No children were harmed. This picture is evidence of how important it is to have working fire alarms and fire sprinklers in your business.

Peeling Ceilings

We see all sorts of strange things in this line of work. Sometimes not all the answers are there. This is one of those instances we had to do some investigating to understand this picture.

Kitchen Fire (2)

This close up of the Kitchen Fire allows you to see a better view of the damage. The smoke did a real number on the walls, cabinets, and ceilings. Aside from the smoke, the water used to put out the fire also added to the damage caused.

Kitchen Fire (1)

Things really started to heat up in this kitchen. The fire consumed almost everything, especially the ceiling. Be sure and never leave a hot stove unattended while you are cooking. 

Classroom Fire

This classroom photo isn't usually what you think of when you hear, classroom photo. An electrical short caused this classroom fire. Luckily, all the children were safe and unharmed.

Classroom After

Here is a photo of the same classroom after it was completely restored by our expert SERVPRO® Team... School is now back in session and the electrical is working properly.