Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Thermal Imager Camera

When it comes to tools, you have to know them to use them. One of our favorites here is the Thermal Imager Camera. The technology of this tool helps us to locate and identify water in various areas.


Garage Fire - Downey

This garage went up in flames. The garage suffered significant damage but the structure remained intact and standing. For you classic car enthusiasts, this picture is probably hard to look at. 

Office Fire

The aftermath of this office fire was significant. Soot and ash damage were everywhere, even melting some of the walls. SERVPRO uses specialized cleaning techniques and solutions to make sure the smell and smoke of a fire don't linger.

Sliding Door Board Up - Downey

Unfortunately for these Downey residents, their back sliding door got smashed into, luckily no one was hurt. We arrived and cleaned up all the loose glass that was found inside and out. After, we did a board up in such a style that allowed them to still use their sliding door for backyard access. If you're a victim of theft or vandalism, SERVPRO is here to help.

Shed Fire

Allot of sheds are plastic, vinyl, wood, or metal. The cheaper the shed the more flammable. Then think about what's in your shed. Usually people store cardboard boxes, plastic bags, plastic toys, swim toys, chemicals of sorts. The fact of is most outdoor sheds are just waiting to go up in flames. Don't let that happen to you or your backyard will look like this... Luckily the fire didn't spread to the house next door or the tenants.

Downey Fire Board Up

Nothing can be more devastating than experiencing a home fire. The loss can be hard to bear. SERVPRO of Downey understands, this is your home or business, and we'll do all we can to give that back to you.

commercial office mold near me downey

Commercial Wall of Mold

This wall has clear indications of a mold problem. Mold growth is not uncommon after a water loss. The moisture and humidity in the air are breeding grounds for Mold. Let SERVPRO of Downey take care of your water and mold problems.